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NHS Oral Contraception Management Service

We are participating in an innovative NHS pilot scheme which enables you to get repeat prescriptions of your oral contraception medication from our pharmacy.

The NHS is carrying out a trial of a service which will allow you to obtain repeat prescriptions for your regular oral contraception from our pharmacy without having to get a prescription from your GP first.

At this stage, the trial enables us to supply oral contraceptives which have been started by your GP.

In the second stage, we will be able to start supplying the contraceptives and provide repeat medication on an ongoing basis.

We can currently only supply oral contraceptives to patients who are already getting prescriptions for this medication from their GP.

How can I use this service? 

Either visit us at one of our pharmacies or call your local branch in Axminster or Chard to arrange a consultation with one of our pharmacists.

What will the pharmacist ask me?

The pharmacist will take you through a general health screening questionnaire and, if you are taking a combined contraceptive tablet (estrogen and progesterone), we will also carry out a blood pressure check and confirm that your BMI falls within an acceptable range.

We can calculate your BMI for you.

How much of my oral contraception can you supply?

We can supply up to 12 months' worth of your contraception and we normally supply the usual amount your GP supplies.

Is this service free to use?

Yes, it is.

Contraception is supplied free of charge in this way in the same way that all contraception is free of charge on the NHS.

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