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Serving Axminster for over 20 years

Our team has been dedicated to providing the outstanding customer service which we are renowned for to patients in Axminster for over 20 years now.

Our values, services and the advice we provide to patients are based on our extensive expertise.

We are an integral part of the community and the healthcare services available in Axminster.

The original Morton's Pharmacy

Axminster's pharmacy in 1915

Traditional values and modern services

Morton's Pharmacy is now also serving the community in Chard from two new pharmacy locations on Fore Street and Holyrood Street.

This will enable patients in Chard to benefit from the outstanding service which Axminster-based patients have come to rely on.

We will revolutionise the healthcare offering available to patients in Chard, ensuring that all our patients have access to reliable, friendly, expert and dependable advice, as well as hassle-free dispensing of prescriptions.

Why Choose An Independent Pharmacy?

Community-focused service

As an independent, family-run business, we provide an expert service and take the time to go above and beyond for our patients.


We are dependable and reliable. 


We believe that supporting the local community's healthcare needs is an integral part of what we do and we strive to continuously improve and expand upon the services we can offer in Axminster and Chard.

Friendly faces you can trust

Morton's Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy, which enables it to be fully integrated in the towns of Axminster and Chard.


Our team is dedicated to the local community and makes every effort to develop long-lasting and supportive relationships with patients.

Support local

By using Morton's Pharmacy, you are supporting another local, family-run business and we are very grateful for this support.

Our mission is to use this trust which has been placed in us to continue providing an excellent service to our patients in Axminster and to revolutionise the healthcare service which is available to patients in Chard.

Access to healthcare expertise

We know that the opportunity to have a free, confidential healthcare consultation with an expert pharmacist is vital to our patients and our pharmacists are happy to engage with patients and ensure that they are happy with the service they are receiving and feel confident using their medication correctly and effectively.

You can access our expertise by popping into our pharmacies in Axminster or Chard and asking to speak to the pharmacist.

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