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Disposal of unwanted medicines

If you have any unwanted medicines at home, we are happy for you to bring these into one of our pharmacies for safe disposal.

These mecidines will be sorted and disposed of properly in accordance with all of the relevent regulations.

Please be reassured that we will NEVER reuse returned medicines and this service is only for the purpose of safe and secure disposal.

When do I need to dispose of medication?

You may need to dispose of medication in various scenarios, including:

  • if your treatment changes or stops and you no longer need your medicine

  • if a relative passes away

  • if your medicine reaches its expiry date

How do I dispose of unwanted medication?

Simply bring your unwanted medicines into any of our pharmacies in Axminster or Chard and ask any of our members of staff about disposal of medicine. They will be happy to guide you through this process.

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