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  • Do you dispense NHS prescriptions?
    Yes, we do dispense NHS prescriptions. We have a full NHS contract, meaning that we are authorised to dispense all valid NHS prescriptions issued by an NHS doctor, dentist or nurse.
  • Can I talk to your pharmacist somewhere private?
    Yes, we have a private consultation booth where we can discuss your problem in a completely private space. If you wish to see the pharmacist in our consultation booth, please ask any member of staff. If our pharmacy is exceptionally busy, you may need to wait a short time for the pharmacist to become available.
  • What can a pharmacist help me with?
    Our pharmacists are highly knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professionals. As well as dispensing your prescriptions, our pharmacists are able to offer a number of other services, including flu vaccinations, emergency hormonal contraception and patient consultations. Our pharmacists are often able to provide you with treatment for minor ailments without you needing to see a GP. However, if our pharmacist believes you will need to see a doctor, they will always refer you on to the best person who can assist you further.
  • What are your opening hours?
    Please see our homepage for detailed opening hours for each of our pharmacies.
  • Do you provide the NHS Flu vaccination service?
    We do, please call for availability.
  • Do you offer a delivery service?
    Yes. We offer a free prescription delivery service to patients in Axminster and Chard. Please telephone or pop into one of our pharmacies for more information.
  • Do you provide COVID tests?
    Yes, you can obtain COVID test kits from us.
  • Do you dispense NHS prescriptions?
    Yes we do. We have a full NHS contract and can dispense all valid NHS prescriptions written by an NHS Doctor, Dentist or Nurse.
  • Can I get the morning after pill from you?
    Yes, we can supply the morning after pill free of charge to eligible patients at our pharmacies in Axminster and Chard. Please ask to speak to the pharmacist. You can talk to the pharmacist in a private consultation area for any conversations you may find awkward or embarrassing so please do not feel that you need to have this discussion on the shop floor.
  • I want to talk to the pharmacist but I am embarrassed about something. What should I do?
    Please rest assured that our pharmacists are experienced, impartial and dependable healthcare professionals who guarantee full patient confidentiality. They also provide a judgement-free service and will not be embarrassed by any healthcare questions you may need to ask them. You can also speak to our pharmacists in a private consultation area, ensuring that nobody will overhear your conversation. Our pharmacists are trained to provide a professional, discreet service.
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