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Think Pharmacy First

Our pharmacies can provide advice and support to people to help them manage minor ailments, including supplying medicines free of charge where needed to patients or their children (under 16 years) who do not pay for their prescriptions who are registered with a local GP.

Our pharmacies can advise which over-the-counter medicines would be suitable to help you manage your minor ailment.

As a first point of contact for your healthcare needs, our pharmacies can provide a triage service, which includes referring you to other health and social care professionals where this is appropriate.

By talking to one of our pharmacists, you may not need to book an appointment with your GP so you can access treatment quickly and conveniently.

Just ask to use our private consultation room for a discreet and confidential discussion with our pharmacists.

Why should I see a pharmacist first?

Pharmacists are experts in medicines and they can use their clinical expertise, their practical knowledge and their experience to advise patients on the best medicines to use to treat common ailments.

You can be treated very quickly as you do not need to book an appointment.

By consulting a pharmacist first, you can free up valuable GP time to enable them to treat more patients with complex health needs. A pharmacist will always be able to advise you if they think you need to see a doctor.

How can I use Pharmacy First?

Pharmacy First is available for both children and adults who need medication for a range of common ailments.


You need to give the pharmacist your NHS number or your child’s NHS number to receive advice and medicines free of charge where needed.

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